Star Trek Diaries #8 – Star Trek: Episode 8 “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”


Feels so good to be back!  Still not sure what format this is gonna take, but within seconds of hearing the classic theme, I’m super happy to be doing this again.  September is a pretty nothing month, so maybe we can get through all of season one! 

  • Yup, the music is back.  Love it.  Love every second of it.
  • Really awkward interaction between Kirk and Nurse Chapel.  Like they aren’t even having the same conversation.
  • First Diary I’ve done since Nimoy’s passing.  Now I’m super bummed out…
  • I remember liking Majel Barrett-Roddenberry’s acting in past episodes, but she is pretty rough so far in this episode.  She has zero chemistry with Kirk or Spock.
  • Dr. Korby is obviously evil… why else ask Kirk to come down alone?
  • Oh… but he is okay with the Nurse he dated coming down?
  • Uh oh, beaming down security personnel, both in Red Shirts.  This won’t end well for them…
  • Security Guard Matthews is joining Kirk and Chapel…
  • And there it is!  RED SHIRT DEATH #1!  Security Guard Matthews is pushed down a bottomless pit!
  • Dr. Korby’s assistant is creepily unaffected by this man dying.
  • Uh oh… Bald Lurch is creeping up on Security Guard Rayburn…
  • RED SHIRT DEATH #2: Security Guard Rayburn is presumably choked out by weird Bald Lurch monster.
  • Oh… who is this?ohwhosethisthen
  • Oh, Andrea… how plain and boring for sexy outer space lady…
  • Wow… this is some awkward first base action between Korby and Nurse Chapel… right in front of Kirk and Andrea…
  • Woah… this assistant is a real dick.  It’s pretty clear that he is jealous that he isn’t getting any later (Andrea has already made eyes with Kirk).
  • Andrea is a terrible henchwoman… Kirk got that phaser off her like it was nothing, then he did a sweet barrel roll to take cover behind a table.  A+ level stuff right there.
  • Ah shit!  Lurch is back!
  • The assistant was an android… that makes a lot of sense…
  • Lurch can talk like Kirk… wish Spock wasn’t so easily fooled.
  • Apparently Lurch’s name is Ruk.  He can imitate everyone.  He is also an android.
  • I appreciate the direction they are taking… the ol’ “Don’t be ignorant to new discoveries and inventions”.  That is always a double-edged sword and interesting to see both sides of it.
  • Andrea, unsurprisingly, is also an android.
  • Yup… she is a sex robot.  Brilliant.
  • And now they are making a Kirk Android.  Sounds like it’s time for Shatner to pull double duty again!  Real Kirk and Robot Kirk!
  • Androids are made from green paper-mache that loosely looks like a person.
  • That’s some genius shit right there… putting it into his head that he thinks Spock is a half-brained idiot when they are swapping his brain into the robot Kirk.  I bet that has a big pay-off.
  • Taking it to the level of “living forever”.  Love it.  Star Trek isn’t afraid of anything.
  • Kirk rips off a stalactite from the roof of the cave to use as a weapon against Ruk. Awesome.
  • Robot Kirk is on the Enterprise.  Time for that thing to pay-off.
  • Yeah, Spock figured it out.  Real Kirk is nailing it.
  • Real Kirk is teaching the sex robot how to love.  What a man.
  • Dr. Kirby just destroyed Ruk… Doing Kirk’s job for him.
  • Oh, hey… Kirby is a robot now too.  Can’t say I’m surprised…
  • Andrea killed Robot Kirk… man… Kirk doesn’t have to lift a finger and all this is happening for him because he outsmarted all these androids.  He normally gets credit for just being a brute and brave captain, but his smarts can totally hang with Picard.
  • Robot Kirby and Andrea are killed by Kirby when she tries to love him… holy hell.
  • Kirk didn’t even need Spock in the end.. A rather blasé ending all-around.

Most Valuable Player: Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) – 3rd MVP – Shatner killed it as both versions of Kirk (again..) and Kirk the character basically outsmarted all the robots to turn on each other.  He is the perfect captain.

Least Valuable Player: Andrea (Sherry Jackson) – 1st LVP – I really didn’t know where to go here, as most of the androids gave cringe-worthy performances (even beyond the fact that they were supposed to be lifeless).  I went with Andrea only because she basically wiped out all the androids on her own.  She got Dr. Brown killed in the start with her shotty henchwoman work… she took out Robot Kirk mistaking him for regular Kirk (even though they were wearing different clothes)… and then she forced Kirby to take both of them out when she professed her love to him.  Weird character that got most of her compatriots killed.  Very LVP worthy in an LVP heavy episode.

Final Grade:  An interesting story that tackled interesting subjects… unfortunately the character of Dr. Kirby was so obviously pointed out as a bad guy from the start that none of what he said could be taken seriously, thus negating any of those interesting questions.  A pretty standard episode of Star Trek with some really weak baddies.  Also, no McCoy, Scotty or Sulu.  C

Up Next: “Miri” I don’t remember this episode at all.  At least with some of the ones I haven’t seen, I at least recognize the episode title, but this isn’t ringing any bells.

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