Star Trek Diaries #7 – Star Trek: Episode 7 “Mudd’s Women”


(Editor’s Note: This will be the final Star Trek Diary pulled from my Tumblr page from many months ago!  The series will be resurrected on Monday, August 31st!  Still not sure which format I’ll use, or if I’ll make up a third format, or whatever, but the series WILL be back on Monday!)

For this episode, I thought I’d go with another approach to writing this.  No running commentary on what I’m thinking as I watch the episode, I’ll just be watching the episode straight through, writing a few thoughts I had after digesting everything and then giving out awards and grades.

First things first, this was an oddly light-hearted episode (mostly thanks to the man playing Harry Mudd) considering the topics being addressed (physical beauty vs. personal beauty; mail-order brides).

Seven episodes in and I’m already tiring of the formula of “The Ship is in Peril and we need to solve this already high-stakes problem in order to get the stuff we need to fix it”.  Just pick one or the other.  Sure, the ship can break down and Kirk would need to do some dangerous shit to fix it, but by no means should it also related to a primary problem that is effecting the ship negatively, at least not in every episode.

Otherwise, it was an enjoyable episode with some fun characters and some other despicable ones.

Character Deaths: None

Most Valuable Player: Harcourt “Harry” Mudd (Roger C. Carmel) – 1st MVP – Pretty much the textbook definition of the term Rapscallion.  A space-age pirate (who even dresses with a puffy shirt and comically over-sized belt-buckle) who attempts to charm his way out of troubles with the law.  Played perfectly by Carmel (who we thankfully get to see again!).

Least Valuable Player: Ben Childress (Gene Dynarski) – 1st LVP – One of the miners on the desolate planet who ends up with one of the mail order brides.  He is an unlikable jackass with no redeeming qualities, other than he has the stuff Scotty needs to make the Enterprise go.  Just a boring, stale character.

Final Grade: Like I said, an enjoyable ride from start to finish, but some inconsistencies and plot holes kinda left me wanting more.  I’m hoping Mudd is even more mischievous in his next appearance, because he was kinda tame here. C+

Up Next: “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” I genuinely don’t remember a damn thing about this episode, I may have never seen it before.

(Editor’s Note: This diary entry was originally posted on my tumblr on February 4th, 2015)

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