Star Trek Diaries #6 – Star Trek: Episode 6 “The Enemy Within”


Hell yeah, Evil Kirk!  Let’s do this!

– Scotty is a smart dude who usually just needs more time, but leaving the transporter room unattended?  You are just ASKING for an evil Kirk to come through.

– Wait… why did Evil Kirk not have the little starfleet insignia badge on his shirt a second ago, but now he does?  I really need to not let continuity errors get in my way of enjoying this show, but that seems impossible right now.

– That dog in that “alien dog” costume is amazing.

– Evil Kirk creeping on Yeoman Rand is genuinely one of the most unsettling things about the show so far.

– Figures that Spock would be the only one to connect the dots between the evil dog and why Kirk is getting blamed for attacking Rand.

– Another episode where the lighting is just incredible.

– I was right to be excited about this episode… What a fantastic study on the human psyche…

– This alien dog is adorable. I want one.

– They killed the dog… Scotty, get your shit together.

– Everyone is KILLING it in this episode.  Fantastic performances from Kirk, Spock, Bones, even poor freezing-to-death Sulu stuck on the planet’s surface while they fix the transporter.

– Ah… the ol’ “which one is which, don’t shoot the wrong one” gag.  Figured that would make an appearance in this episode.

– Yay!  It worked!  Kirk is okay and Sulu won’t die!

Most Valuable Player: Captain Kirk/Evil Captain Kirk (William Shatner) – 2nd MVP – Slam dunk.  Even in an episode with wonderful performances all around, Shatner pulled triple duty, playing Kirk, good (but spineless) Kirk and Evil Kirk.  Just great stuff.  Also, if anyone was going to be the first person to 2 MVP’s, it would obviously be Kirk.

Least Valuable Player: Lt. Cmdr. Scott (James Doohan) – 1st LVP – I love Scotty, but he killed the dog… that ain’t right.

Final Grade: Great character piece on Kirk and a wonderful, thought provoking episode in general.  Sulu and crew left behind on the freezing planet seemed like an unnecessary thing to keep the plot moving, but did provide Sulu with some great lines.  The Best Episode I’ve seen so far, outdoes The Man Trap in quite a few areas.  A

Up Next: “Mudd’s Women” – Man… we are gonna outdo Evil Kirk’s creepiness factor quite a bit. Mudd is a despicable dude, hopefully the episode around him is decent.

(Editor’s Note: This diary entry was originally posted on my tumblr page on January 26th, 2015)

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