Star Trek Diaries #5 – Star Trek: Episode 5 “The Naked Time”


Everything should be back to normal outside of the usual start-of-series jitters that the crew needs to work out… let’s hope I don’t spend half the episode ranting about the color of shirts.

– Dope, this episode takes place on the ice planet Hoth.

– Spock and this random crewman have the lowest tech ice-suits on of all time.

– Seriously… they look like they are red suits made of that shipping material with the little bubbles that are super fun to pop.

– Of course the random crewman got some icky stuff on his hand, which he will take back onboard the Enterprise and get everyone sick… stupid crewman, can’t keep his damn gloves on.

– Random crewman is the early candidate for LVP.  Not only is this all his fault, but he is a bad actor too… holy crap, even for Star Trek standards.

– Wow, wasn’t expecting them to tackle the subject of “does man even belong in space” so early.  Star Trek had balls, especially for 1966.

Blue Shirt Death #3 – RIP Joe, you jerk.

– My new favorite shot in the history of the show: image

–  This episode is brilliant… I don’t really want to stop and try writing witty stuff… it’s that good.

– This Irish guy would be 100x more charming if he actually had an Irish accent… instead he is just a jerk in the name of Ireland.

– I don’t think the makeup team knows how to consistently do Spocks eyebrows… hopefully that’s something they learn soon.

– Scotty never has enough time… dammit.

– Understandably, Kirk just wants to take Yeoman Rand out on a nice date.  Maybe grab some Thai food, snuggle up and watch Grown Ups 17 on TiVo.

– Whoops… they created time travel.  Way to go Scotty.

– They went back three days, what a dope weekend.

Most Valuable Player: Lt. Cmdr. Scott (James Doohan) – 1st MVP – In addition to being one of just a handful of regular crew members to never get infected (along with Bones, Uhura and Rand), he saved the ship and invented Time Travel with Spock.

Least Valuable Player: Lt. Jr. Joe Tormolen (Stewart Moss) – 1st LVP – This is all his fault.  He took his dumb glove off on Hoth and got the whole ship infected, then he went and killed himself.  What a jerk.

Final Grade: Another genuinely enjoyable episode from start to finish.  It may have started a few things it never really expanded on (should we as humans even be out in space?  Why did Spock get better without Bones’ antidote?), but it was an interesting character study.  What makes these people tick?  As it turns out, Kirk really loves the Enterprise and Yeoman Rand.B+

Next: “The Enemy Within” Pretty sure this is the episode with evil Kirk. Actually really excited about this one.

(Editors Note: This article was originally posted on my tumblr page on January 25th, 2015)

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