Star Trek Diaries #3 – Star Trek: Episode 3 “Charlie X”


Every time I try to watch The Original Series, I always end up getting stopped at Charlie X… not sure why that is, maybe this diary entry will get to the bottom of it.

– First appearance of Kirk’s dope green wrap-top

– Charlie slapped Yeoman Rand’s backside… Dude hasn’t had more than a couple weeks of human interaction in his first 14 years of life, and is already a baller.

– Maybe this weird Uhura breaking out into song thing is what kills the momentum of this weird episode.

– Kirk trying to explain sexual harassment is my favorite thing about this series so far… incredible.

– Woah… Kirk was wearing his yellow shirt when he got on to the elevator with Charlie, now he got off the elevator in his Green Wrap… continuity is dead.

– I’ll never not want a 3D chess board.

– Kirk is teaching Charlie how to take a bump.  Amazing.

– The lighting in this episode is incredible, even if they overuse the lighting of the eyes.

– Oy.. Charlie just turned a lady into an iguana… Now I remember why this episode is so terrible.

– Dude just made Yeoman Rand disappear.  Worst character ever.

– Now he turned an attractive young lady into an old lady… what a dumb fucking character.

– Why is the rest of the crew so blissfully unaware that Charlie is being shitty? You’d think word would get around that a Teenager has taken over the ship with his stupid mind powers.

– Yeoman Rand is on the bridge in her nightie.  Great Success.

– Worst resolution ever… Weird Non-Organic Aliens: “Yo, we gave Charlie those powers when he was little so he could survive.. sorry he was a dick about it, but he is coming back with us.  Here is Janice Rand back.  Later.”

Most Valuable Player: Captain Kirk (William Shatner) – 1st MVP – Even though he was given some cheesy lines when explaining the birds and the bees to Charlie, Shatner handled them incredibly well.  Kirk also plays chess fast and loose, and I appreciate that.  Kirk also trying to describe sexual harassment was the only decent thing about this episode, for that alone, he deserves this award.

Least Valuable Player: Charlie Evans (Robert Walker Jr.) – 1st LVP – Terrible dialogue terribly delivered.  Not only was this a dumb character with a dumb backstory and a dumb resolution… the kid couldn’t act to save the part.  Terrible all around.

Final Grade: One of my least favorite episodes of any series of Star Trek, I’m just happy that nonsense is behind me and that I don’t ever have to watch it again.  D-

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