Either The Best or Worst Baseball Fan Ever.


But definitely the worst parent ever.

Here’s my two cents on this… if you are old enough to have a kid, you are too old to bring a glove to the game, especially when holding said kid.

I have no problem with the reckless abandon upon going for a baseball, if it’s only yourself to injure.  When you start teetering kids over railings (or in more disgusting displays, trampling over them to get to a foul ball… in BATTING PRACTICE) to grab that free baseball, or put really any one else in danger, maybe take a step back and understand there are more important things in the world.

At least this was a home run (from Albert Pujols, maybe the best hitter of his generation), and not a meaningless foul ball or something tossed into the stands by a player after the 3rd out.  There was SOMETHING cool about this baseball.  Otherwise, it’s just grown ass men ripping normal free baseballs from the hands of children (or in this case, threatening your own child into stumbling into a restricted area.  That’s JUST what your kid needs, to be a felon at age 3.)

This was all in good fun and even though the rudo Usher (who yes, was just doing his job) didn’t give him the ball after he dropped it from his glove, he did end up with the Pujols Home Run Ball.  It will be a fun story for him to tell for years, as well as a fun memory for the kid when they grow up and see that time Daddy almost sacrificed them for a $4 baseball.


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